Attorney Reviews – The Cornerstone of Your Law Firm’s Marketing Strategy

Attorney Reviews – The Cornerstone of Your Law Firm’s Marketing Strategy

People do business with professionals they trust. Attracting and retaining long-term clientele is linked to an attorney’s reputation. It’s no secret that people look to attorney reviews when deciding on a product or service. The same goes when researching and hiring a lawyer!

Providing clients with authentic reviews is the most effective way for establishing trust even before meeting your perspective client. However, the task of collecting, managing, and monitoring reviews can take up valuable attorney time, energy, and resources.

However, using review management services and technology will reduce wasted time and help establish an effective client review process. With the right process in place, you can easily request reviews from happy clients, publish replies to those reviews, get notified when a new review is published anywhere online, track the number of reviews on all reviews sites, analyze review campaign progress, and more.

Why Attorney Reviews Are Important

Reviews help build an attorney’s reputation while also creating brand recognition online, thus making reviews an essential part of any attorney’s marketing strategy.

The feedback you receive from clients is invaluable. Positive reviews can help you pinpoint your unique strengths and provide marketing propositions. On the other hand, unfavorable reviews can help you identify and address weaknesses that you might not have identified yourself.

Reviews offer potential clients a first impression of you and your law firm. Potential clients will be looking for current reviews written within the last 30 days, as well as historical reviews regularly published over a long period of time, so it’s crucial to have an established and consistent review strategy. Readers will also be looking to see if your firm has responded to those reviews. This signals your firm’s attentiveness.

Potential clients are also looking to reviews to help them answer questions such as

  • If you are a trustworthy attorney
  • If your firm meets your clients’ expectations
  • How your law firm compares to competitors

Finally, reviews are essential to your marketing strategy because they help increase visibility on search engines. The more reviews your firm has, the more likely your site is to appear in local search engine results.

Review Marketing Benefits

As a busy attorney, you can’t be expected to perform your duties as a lawyer AND implement, manage, and track a successful review marketing strategy.

Managing client reviews is crucial for any attorney. With an effective Review Marketing strategy in place you will easily gather, sort, and reply to client reviews across the web. By monitoring review sites, you will have up to date status on any review about you.

You cannot control what clients post, but you can control how you react to reviews. With your firm’s reputation on the line, you need a review marketing program designed to alert you when reviews about your firm have been published so you can respond accordingly. Timely responses signal to potential clients that you care and value feedback, positive or negative.

There’s little benefit to creating and implementing a review marketing strategy without tracking its results. Robust marketing programs allow your firm to track, analyze, and report on the progress of a review campaign. Access to this data will inform you on how to maintain client happiness.

Your online reputation as an attorney holds a lot of weight for potential clients. Review Marketing can help your firm maintain a strong reputation and online presence.

Key Takeaway

You may think review marketing isn’t for you because you’re a sole practitioner or a small law firm. This couldn’t be furthest from the truth and you need to understand that client reviews level the playing field against those big firms who invest heavily in their marketing. Besides organic search rankings, obtaining client reviews is the most cost effective way to market your legal services online.

If you would like to grow your law practice, investing in a review marketing is one of the best ways to get your firm noticed. Client reviews are the cornerstone of any successful marketing strategy. Speak with us to learn how AttorneyConnect can help you establish an effective review marketing campaign and boost business for you law practice.

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