Do Google Reviews for Lawyers Really Make a Difference?

Do Google Reviews for Lawyers Really Make a Difference?

The short answer is absolutely – Yes! The long answer, Google reviews for lawyers do make a difference, and your firm is missing out on significant business and qualified leads if you’re not taking advantage of this simple and cost effective marketing strategy.

Do you read reviews before purchasing a product or service? Do you use reviews to compare products and gauge user experience? In the past, we would turn to friends and family for their thoughts and advice. Today we simply read online reviews.

Here are a few statistics you should keep in mind:

  • Over 95% of internet users read local business reviews
  • Google My Business reviews are used by 60% of people searching for local businesses
  • Reviews older than three months are considered to be irrelevant by 85% of consumers

These metrics illustrate the significant impact reviews have on local businesses, and your law firm is no different. Digital reviews are essential in developing your online presence and your law firm’s online reputation.

Where Should You Host Reviews?

Some marketing firms will recommend collecting reviews everywhere you can. The thought is the more reviews you have across various platforms, the more visibility you have. This is true; however, if you don’t have the time or staffing to monitor the entire web for reviews, Google is the primary site for lawyer searches.

Google search algorithms have led to the company’s reputation for providing relevant content. Because of this, Google attorney reviews hold a lot of weight which is why Google prioritizes law firms with a substantial number and regular flow of positive reviews.

How Many Reviews Should You Have?

As many as you can! If you have been practicing law for any meaningful amount of time and you have zero reviews, Google and potential clients will not favor your services. If your firm provides exceptional service and you have years of experience as well as happy clients, positive reviews aren’t difficult to obtain, but you need to make obtaining reviews a priority. The best time to solicit a review is immediately after services have been rendered.

Keep in mind obtaining reviews is an ongoing strategy. Not only do readers reject old reviews, but they also don’t carry much weight when Google is ranking your firm’s site as a search result. Happy clients will be more than willing to express how much your firm helped them.

It should go without saying, the higher rating of your client reviews, the better. Aim for five-star reviews.

How Do You Navigate Negative Reviews?

Attorneys are in the cross hairs of many different parties. It’s the nature of the business. One side is often not happy with the result and they can use reviews to express their displeasure. Often a negative review is an opportunity. Remember, an unfavorable review from an opposing party can be viewed as a positive reflection of your legal services. While you want to avoid bad reviews, you can always address a negative review especially if it is a bogus review or one published by someone who was never a client of yours. In fact, you should respond to all reviews, but it’s especially important to acknowledge the negative ones.

The occasional poor review won’t fool most review readers if you have plenty of positive reviews to offset a less than satisfied client or even a jaded opposing party.

Reviews provide your leads with valuable insight into your firm. Not only will reviews act as a way to express the value of your services, but they also impact your online visibility. Law firms with multiple, current, and positive reviews have a greater chance of appearing prominently in Google’s local search results.

Client reviews are an essential component of your marketing strategy. Positive reviews will have a significant impact on turning leads into clients as you grow your practice. If you would like to boost your firm’s online reviews, contact us to learn how we can help.

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