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AttorneyConnect LiveChat exclusively serves sole practitioners and small sized law firms, typically less than 25 attorneys. Our trained receptionists engage and qualify website visitors increasing opportunities while reducing the time attorneys spend screening phone calls. This gives your firm the option to both take on additional cases and be more selective with your clientele.

How Does LiveChat Work?
  • Engage – We politely greet each visitor to your website before they have a chance to navigate away.
  • Qualify – Our highly-trained receptionists interact with visitors, qualify and collect information about their situation.
  • Connect – We summarize the conversation and connect the web visitor with your team or directly with the attorney.

Our receptionists are specifically trained to not offer legal advice and are always highly professional and courteous. This strategy leads to a great experience for your visitor, more conversions, and more opportunities for your firm. We offer a flat rate fee regardless of the number of leads we send to you.

Would you like to Live Chat with visitors directly?

We make it easy for you to manage your own LiveChat sessions. Connect with visitors from your desktop or mobile phone. Have your receptionist manage the chats or have it go directly to the attorney. How you choose to engage your perspective clients is up to you.

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