Live Chat For Lawyers – The Value of AttorneyConnect Live Chat

Live Chat For Lawyers – The Value of AttorneyConnect Live Chat

One of the primary ways people research and select attorneys nowadays is through the Internet. The attorney’s “front door” is no longer the physical door to his law office, but rather the home page to his website. And as in other business interactions, the first impression made upon the customer is of vital importance.

That being the case, it only makes sense that the marketing-savvy attorney needs an online “receptionist” to welcome any and all visitors who come through that virtual front door. And that is where Live Chat comes into the picture.

The Benefits of Using AttorneyConnect Live Chat

Live Chat has been proven to increase conversion rates and customer engagement. For instance, one study found that “live chat is the most preferred engagement channel today with over 92% being satisfied with it, as compared to other traditional channels like phone calls or email.”

Why do prospective customers love the Live Chat option so much? Here are some reasons:

  • Live Chat is often a quick way to find answers to simple questions. Many website visitors who want to get information and at the same time avoid the hassle of phoning or emailing your office will view Live Chat as a preferred alternative.
  • A skilled Live Chat professional can personalize the potential client experience in a non-intrusive way. This personalized and responsive attention helps potential clients differentiate and favor your services over your competitors.
  • For many users, Live Chat eliminates some of the communication difficulties in phone conversations by presenting information in textual form. This information can sometimes be saved and stored for future reference.
  • Live Chat is more immediate than an email, and often more private than a phone call.

Clearly, customers derive several benefits from interacting with a Live Chat receptionist. But what about you as the attorney?

How law firms benefit from the AttorneyConnect Live Chat solution?

  • Live Chat is cost-effective. When you compare the boost in lead conversion to the annual Live Chat expenditures, it’s no wonder that more and more law firms are implementing Live Chat.
  • Live Chat leaves a good impression. Users who review your services on your website are looking for qualities such as professionalism, experience, and a willingness to listen. A Live Chat option provides prospective clients with just such an impression. It tells them that you take your work seriously enough to present a cutting edge website to the public, and care enough about your clients to be responsive and attentive to their needs.
  • Live Chat allows you to qualify leads more easily. Just as an office receptionist would ask some basic questions and qualify inquiries before sending them on to the attorney, so too a trained Live Chat receptionist engages the potential client and qualifies the lead saving the attorney valuable time.

How do you get the AttorneyConnect Live Chat on your law firm website

In review, Live Chat can:

  •  Project an impressive first impression on potential clients.
  • Offer another way to communicate which many users prefer today.
  • Allow you to more easily qualify leads and differentiate from your competitors.

However, using a trained Live Chat receptionist is just one component of an effective and successful law firm marketing campaign. If you’d like more information on how we can help you grow your law practice, contact AttorneyConnect today.

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