What Are the Top Review Sites For Lawyers?

What Are the Top Review Sites For Lawyers?

As an attorney, you are busy with serving your clients and practicing law. You are committed to each and every case to the very end and you vehemently protect your client’s best interests. After each case, you know you have done your best and you’re typically very satisfied with the results. Your client is also extremely happy with the results, but how can your success be conveyed to other potential clients in a similar situation? As an attorney, you may be uncomfortable asking a client for a review of your services, but in the age of the internet, it is essential for successful attorneys and law firms to generate a regular stream of client reviews. Here is how you start:

What Are the Top Review Sites


  • Google and Yahoo Reviews – The most influential site to have a review posted is on your Google Business listing. This is followed closely by your Yahoo Local listing.  Both search engines control 90% of all Internet searches and they are undoubtedly the place you want your positive reviews to be published.
  • Avvo – The user-friendliness of this site is one of the best features. It provides a search for an attorney in the local area and the type of attorney the potential client needs. Clients are able to publish a review anonymously or with an alias to protect their identity which is important when it comes to personal and sensitive cases.
  • Justia – This lawyer directory connects consumers with top rated lawyers. There is an attorney search feature, a highlight of the attorney and their services, and a listing of verified client reviews.
  • Facebook – Doesn’t nearly everyone have a Facebook account? Even if they don’t someone will tell them about something they saw on Facebook. Be sure to have your business page utilized on Facebook. Keep it up to date. Clients can publish reviews or testimonials on your page.
  • Yelp – This is probably the most well-known review site although it’s not necessarily friendly to attorneys. It probably has the most reviews on restaurants, hotels, and stores but also caters to professional services such as attorneys. Many clients will think of Yelp when wanting to give a review.

There are many other reputable review sites for attorneys such as FindLaw, Martindale Hubbell and the Better Business Bureau to name just a few. You will want to choose two or three sites and focus on building your client review arsenal at those locations.

Remember, not all happy clients will leave a review. Just think back, have you left a review every time you purchased something on the internet, or had good service at a restaurant or other place? For most of us, the answer is no. Even though you were happy with the outcome, to leave a review, you probably needed to be prompted. So ask your clients if they are willing to publish a review – anonymously, with an alias, or straight up with their name. You may be surprised how many will say, “Yes”.

Will all clients leave a review? No, not all. Many times technical issues get in the way. Clients are not sure how to navigate to a review site or they may not want to be bothered with creating an account to publish a review. Even though upon leaving your office clients have every intention of writing a great review for you, there are numerous obstacles that can derail the best of intentions.

We can help. Contact us to learn how our Review Marketing process converts your happy clients in to positive reviews. For help obtaining client reviews for your law practice, call AttorneyConnect to learn how we can help.

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