We specialize in mobile marketing apps designed to help attorneys and law firms promote their practice, engage their clients, and grow their business.

Engage Your Clients. Obtain Referrals. Grow Your Practice.

If you knew then what you know now about Internet marketing would you have launched your website sooner? Would you have done things differently? Mobile is the fastest growing industry in history.

Offering your clients a mobile app is an effective way to increase client loyalty, generate quality referrals, and differentiate your law practice from the competition by leveraging mobile and staying at the forefront of technology.

The “Client App”

RJAYour best clientele will always be your longstanding clients and the referrals you obtain from past clients. In today's digital world having your law firm's custom mobile app on a client’s smartphone is the most effective way to encourage on-going business and secure those precious client referrals.

In a crowded marketplace where clients may not have allegiance to one attorney, a mobile app helps establish that bond, affirms your commitment to your client, and makes you the first “go to” resource. [Learn more...]

The “BAC Alcohol App”

site5The BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) calculator app encourages users to drink responsibly by educating users on the affects of their alcohol consumption. It is a fun interactive mobile app used to measure and track the blood alcohol level on a time scale.

Launched over a year ago and downloaded by thousands, we now offer attorneys their own branded and localized version of the app. The app is entertaining, informative, and supports the responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages. [Learn more...]