Engage Your Clients. Grow Your Practice.

Our Client Mobile App starts at an annual fee of just $599.00


The Client Mobile App features include:


  • Stay connected and engage your clients with updated information and easy communication.
  • Grow your practice and obtain quality referrals from past clients through the one click referral feature.
  • Provide GPS directions to all your office locations.
  • Attorney directory of all lawyers in your firm.
  • Offer clients the ability to easily submit appointment requests.
  • Share your articles, reviews, and other resources with social media integration.
  • Demonstrate your firm’s commitment to serve clients whenever and wherever they need you.
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The Benefits of Offering Your Clients A Mobile App

In today’s digital world having your law firm’s custom mobile app on a client’s smartphone is the most effective way to encourage on-going business and secure those precious client referrals. Here are just a few benefits of offering your clients an AttorneyConnect mobile app:

1. Stay connected with your clients

Directions-ScreenshotYour best clients are your longstanding customers and referrals from past clients. Having your firm’s custom app on a client’s smartphone is a great way to encourage on-going business. Providing your client with a preferred communications portal strengthens your relationship with your client. The apps communication features connect directly with your existing website, email, and phone service making communication easy for you to manage. In a crowded marketplace where clients may not have allegiance to one attorney, a mobile app helps establish that bond, affirms your commitment in communication with the client, and makes you the first “go to” resource.

2. Referrals with a click of a button

Your best leads are referrals from past clients – people who have worked with you and are happy to endorse your services. Your mobile app takes that offline referral that usually requires  additional “follow up” and makes it digital by immediately sharing relevant contact information with a click of a button. By streamlining the referral process and making it easier for your referral network to share your contact information and credentials you’ll get more leads and better quality clients to grow your practice.

3. Keep clients informed about the law and your firm

Alerts-ScreenshotAn app’s alert/notification feature allows you to send a notice to your clients at any time on any topic. A simple message like “We’re closed on Monday” or a substantive change in the law can be broadcast to everyone easily. You can also keep clients informed and share your expertise with links to reviews of your practice, legal resources, articles, or Q&As on your website.

4. Establish your firm as leading edge

Having a mobile app has practical benefits and it also shows your clients that you are engaged with the latest technology. An app that is customized with your firm’s logo, colors and photos shows innovation and Internet savvy and will differentiate your firm from your competitors. It’s a subtle reminder that you care about staying on the forefront – a quality that helps you be a better and more knowledgeable attorney.